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Website Design and Development
Website Design and Development

The problem

In August 2023, Sketch Art LLC, a USA-based gaming agency, mainly designing and selling gaming assets contacted us because they were unable to bring traffic to the website. As the gaming season was approaching, they wanted to create awareness among the audience to increase sales and get the maximum advantage of the season. They tried to generate traffic both organically and through paid ads but failed both times. Their website had low traffic with a high bounce rate. Their ad campaign was unsuccessful as they could not mature leads even if some of them landed their website and took the desired action.

Our analysis

We analyzed their website in terms of SEO as well as their ad performance and insights. If we talk about the website, their loading time was high, the structure was poor, the website content was excessive, the images were of low quality and the design was outdated. Not only that, the website was not device friendly which made it non-responsive on mobile phones. If we talk about the landing page, it also had the same issues including an unclear call to action. This was the reason, both organic and paid traffic left the website as soon as they opened it. Even if the ad campaign was attractive, it failed due to the poor performance of the website.

sketchart case study

The solution

We redesigned all the pages of the website, starting with the landing page as it was the first page the traffic landed after clicking on the ad. We first created wireframes and layouts. Then we converted them into simple yet modern design. This improved the structure, designed high-quality images, reduced the content, and ensured that it was device-friendly. After completing the designs, we tested and reviewed all pages to fix any issues so that our designs entered the development phase error-free.

sketchart case study

The results

Team Sketch Art was impressed by our work and decided to hire our developers to enter the development phase of the website with the design we delivered. We launched the website and the team was happy with the results. We observed a large number of organic and paid traffic visiting their website. We also observed more leads and it was easier for them to mature those leads. Their sales increased to a greater extent as their website was working optimally when it was the peak time to sell their services.