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Realting, International Real Estate Platform
Realting, International Real Estate Platform
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

The problem

Realting is an international real estate platform, whose team was facing hurdles in bringing organic traffic to the website. The employees observed that they had a mere 102 referring domains and 299 backlinks through these domains with only 20 organic search traffic. They wanted to rank 1st on Google’s SERP in Poland. This was a significant setback for Realting, especially considering their property dealing business. Running ads to get paid traffic was not an option for them as they wanted more sustainable traffic and wanted to build trust with the audience.

realting case study

Our analysis

We observed that despite covering a complete checklist for on-page SEO, their page load speed was high. So we decided to conduct a technical SEO audit of the website to further analyze its health and identify gaps that prevent it from ranking on Google’s first SERP. We identified the following gaps:

● Uncrawlable pages
● Duplicate content

Off-page SEO:

Technical SEO:

  • Uncrawlable pages
  • Duplicate content

The solution

We fixed technical SEO problems by allowing all pages of the website to crawl. Then we removed the duplicate content on one of the pages of the website while updating it with new and unique content. Simultaneously we submitted all the URLs of the website for indexing in Google Search Console.

Then we conducted keyword research to ensure that the website had accurate keywords. Once assured, we added backlinks for Realting’s website from a real estate forum’s website with huge traffic and from other sources. Then we fixed the broken links either by updating or removing them, as required.

The results

Realting witnessed remarkable outcomes following the resolution of their SEO challenges, bringing immense satisfaction to the client. Commencing our SEO endeavors on September 24, 2021, and consistently working for ten months, we achieved the anticipated results by July 18, 2022. Our approach involved comprehensive optimization, including the strategic addition of backlinks. The process was meticulous, incorporating the continual creation of new backlinks and guest posts.

Despite the time-consuming nature of this journey, our dedicated team successfully achieved the desired transformation. The website's traffic soared from 20 to an impressive 110k, marking a substantial improvement. Through the creation of numerous backlinks and the rectification of broken links, our professionals catapulted Ref. domains from 102 to an extraordinary 2.4k.

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As you can see in the graph, we achieved remarkable results for Realting. These metrics signify not only a recovery but substantial growth that is now reflected in Realting ranking on the first page of Google. It's a testament to the effectiveness of our team's intelligent and patient approach, clearly depicted in the upward trajectory of the graph illustrating these traffic fluctuations.

search engine optimisation case study