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The challenge

Not So Ape had difficulty attracting potential customers despite using traditional advertising methods. The brand struggled to establish a strong online presence in the face of strong competition. Their current strategies were not appropriate in the digital landscape, leading to a lack of effective lead generation and visibility. Not So Ape wanted a customised solution to solve its low web exposure and reach its target audience in Canada.

Our analysis

Our analysis of Not So Ape's situation revealed that the brand was unable to implement strategies to compete in digital competition. The growing digital dynamics made it difficult for Not So Ape to create a strong online presence. The brand's old projects were based on traditional techniques, failing to cope with the complexity of the digital domain. As a result, there was a significant gap between the brand's efforts and the expected results in terms of lead generation and exposure.

Not so ape case study

The solution

Our team of designers, copywriters, and digital marketers came together, optimised the landing page, and designed a complete Google Ad campaign. We ran this campaign in Canada, concentrating on high-intent fashion keywords.

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This ad campaign generated awareness among the target audience, grabbed their attention, and inspired them to take immediate action. With continuous monitoring and improvement, we ensured that output remains at its peak.

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google ads portfolio
google ads case study

The results

With a $650 monthly budget, Not So Ape earned an extraordinary return on ad spend in the quarterly review. Our Google Ads campaign changed Not So Ape's internet exposure. In 90 days, there was a triple increase in website traffic as well as an impressive flow of highly qualified leads. The fashion company earned an outstanding $1300 in sales, establishing its base in the online Canadian market.

The substantial increase in qualified leads, coupled with enhanced conversion rates and successful expansion into multifamily deals, resulted in a robust return on investment. Our unwavering commitment, combined with precisely targeted strategies, fueled significant business growth, amplified revenue from multifamily contracts, and solidified Not So Ape's standing as a reputable brand in the Canadian market.

Increased conversion rates and effective expansion into multiple projects led to a strong ROI and business growth. Continuous optimization increased the lead-to-sale conversion rate, establishing Not So Ape as an effective participant in the fashion business.

google ads project

The traffic cost was $648, and the traffic was 372 with the assistance of 16 intent keywords, as shown in the graph.