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Digital Marketing

The problem

Kawartha Dairy was facing a big challenge when they approached us for help with their Instagram marketing. Despite providing delicious dairy products, their account had a limited reach, with only 2.8k engagements in the last 30 days.

Our analysis

When analyzing the challenges faced by Kawartha Dairy, it became clear that their Instagram account in the last 30 days showed a significant gap between the quality of their service and the scope of their online presence.

Dissatisfaction with their online traffic was clear. Upon analyzing, we found out that Kawartha Dairy’s social media marketing team was not focusing on hashtags. Similarly, their posts were poorly designed. Not only that, they were not aware of social media algorithms and did not realize the importance of utilizing reels. Realizing the urgency of this problem, our experienced digital marketing experts quickly began analyzing, strategizing, and implementing solutions to breathe new life into Kawartha Dairy's business activities.

Kawartha Dairy case study

The solution

We deployed robust social media marketing strategies to improve brand presence and encourage conversions. We researched for popular and high-performing hashtags while working on attractive yet simple designs that resonated with the branding. We looked deeply into Instagram algorithms and aligned our strategy accordingly. Similarly, we used tools to track and analyze Instagram and website traffic and made data-based adjustments for maximum effectiveness.

Kawartha Dairy project
digital marketing portfolio
digital marketing case study

The results

Our struggles resulted in a complete solution that strengthened Kawartha Dairy's online presence and engagement. Our digital marketing efforts significantly increased Kawartha Dairy's website traffic and product sales. The positive response expanded their follower base and strengthened our role as a valuable partner in the company's growth process. Increased engagement and visibility highlighted the effectiveness of our strategy and ensured continued success in a competitive market.