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Care to Beauty

The problem

Care to Beauty is a cosmetics brand in Canada. Like many businesses in their early stages, they faced the common challenge of establishing themselves in the market and competing with rivals. The owner aimed to rank the website on Google's first page to enhance competitiveness. However, the website's content was not sufficiently robust, resulting in low leads. The referring domains numbered 158, backlinks were 509, and organic search traffic was at 469 decreasing a concerning trend for the business.

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Off-page SEO:

  • Missing backlinks
  • Broken links

Technical SEO:

  • Uncrawlable pages
  • Duplicate content

Our analysis

We observed that the decrease in their traffic was due to multiple factors. First, their website did not follow Google Algorithm updates. Second, the website had many technical errors with weak keywords and backlinking strategies. Third, the website was overloaded with content.

The solution

In response to Care to Beauty's initial challenges with low and decreasing traffic, our team of experts at Digi Christchurch quickly identified and resolved critical technical issues affecting the brand's online visibility. Thanks to our comprehensive diagnostics, that helped us deploy various solutions. We refined SEO keywords strategy and createc various high-authority backlinks in the form of guest posts, niche edits, and forum backlinks.

The results

Following the technical SEO overhaul of Care to Beauty, the effects of SEO for a website were not possible to achieve immediately; they were gained slowly over time. We observed the effects throughout time, patience is key and after nearly several months of dedicated effort, we have made significant progress, sharing top results in May 2023.

Organic search traffic increased from 469 to 47.6k, a very positive result for both our team and the owners of Care to Beauty. We successfully created 1.3K referring domains, generating an impressive 4.8K backlinks. During months of dedicated effort, our team's smart and patient approach delivered remarkable results. Care to Beauty today proudly holds a prominent position on the first page of Google, a testament to the effectiveness of our strategy and method of perseverance.

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