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22 Apr 2024

In the digital marketing world, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and attract them effectively. From small businesses to big brands, it benefits businesses at all levels. These benefits include immediate visibility, instant exposure to web traffic, quick lead generation, and fast conversions. It also offers advertising options on highly targeted keywords, allowing users to personalize their ads.

Google Ads’ analytics and reporting tools also help businesses track their ad campaign performance and measure return on investment accurately. This allows them to enhance the ad performance and make informed decisions. Overall, Google Ads strategy, when understood carefully, and designed and implemented effectively, contributes to the success of businesses. This is what the article is all about. Let’s first see why Google Ads is preferred by most businesses.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads acts as a dominant player among online advertising platforms. But, Microsoft Advertising, Sixads, and Amazon ads are alternatives to Google Ads, offering compelling features. Yet, there are many reasons Google Ads is the preferred choice for many businesses.

why google ads

Broader reach

First, Google offers extensive reach and market dominance with the highest global search engine market share. Google operates billions of searches daily, offering businesses unmatched access to a huge audience actively looking for the information, products, or services they provide. This huge volume of search queries makes certain that Google Ads delivers prospects to businesses to reach the targeted audience efficiently.

Dynamic Advertising

Next, Google’s strong advertising platform has a wide range of ad formats and targeting options, to fit different business objectives and industries. No matter the ad type, it offers versatile ad formats, customized to align with the specific goals and audience of the campaign.

Integration with Google's Suite of Products

Another reason for Google Ads’ strength over alternatives is its integration with Google’s product ecosystem which includes Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. Advertisers use this extensive network to expand their reach that goes beyond SERPS. This way, Google Ads enables them to target users across various digital touchpoints, increasing engagement.

In short, unlike Meta Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Microsoft Advertising, Google Ads offers diverse options for reach, ad formats, and targeting. It also acts as a strong analytical tool to measure performance and results. This is why it is the preferred choice of most business owners who want to reach their audience effectively and bring meaningful results.

Understanding how Google Ads operates

google ad operates

Google Ads, developed by Google, is a platform for online advertising that allows businesses to create and display ads on Google’s SERPs. It also helps businesses display these ads on YouTube and Google Display Network. Google Ads is based on the PPC model, allowing advertisers to bid on targeted keywords. The keywords they target are relevant to the information, products, or services they offer. They pay each time the ad is clicked. Let’s see the process step by step.

Keyword Research

The process starts with identifying and selecting relevant keywords that align with your business offerings. Keyword Planner Tool facilitates businesses in keyword research and discovering relevant keywords with moderate search volume and low competition. It is important to consider the search intent behind all keywords and focus on those that are more likely to bring conversions. Utilizing keyword match types helps businesses control the reach and relevance of their ads.

Campaign Goal and Type Selection

The second step is all about choosing the campaign goal and type. While choosing the campaign goal, recall whether you want to promote brand awareness, increase sales, generate leads, or drive website traffic. After choosing the goal, advertisers select their campaign type from the Display, Search, Shopping, App, and Video campaigns. This campaign type must be aligned with the campaign objective.

Budget Set-up

The next step is to set the budget for the campaign and bid for the targeted keywords. Higher bids can improve the chances of the ads appearing on the top of SERPs. But, higher bidding is not sufficient. Google’s algorithms are smart enough to evaluate the relevance of the ad and the quality of the landing page and decide accordingly which ads to show in which position. So, it is important to keep the ad relevant and develop a high-quality landing page for better ad performance.

The Launch

After setting up the budget, ads are launched and performance is monitored. But, before launching the ad, it is important to review it in detail to ensure everything is in place. After that, advertisers keep their eyes on ad performance continuously to refine keyword selection based on the analytical data. This analytical data includes metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR (click-through rate), and conversion rates in real time. This helps optimize the effectiveness of ad campaigns and increase ROI.

Business Benefits of Google Ads

benifits of google ads

Most of you might think that businesses get increased visibility and website traffic, only when we combine SEO and Google Ads. You would be surprised to know that Google Ads alone can do wonders. The benefits of Google Ads are not limited to better visibility and increased website traffic. Following are the benefits offered by Google Ads that increase its importance:

Immediate Visibility and Results

Google Ads is a source of providing instant exposure and visibility to your audience. This way, it helps you to reach your potential clients or customers at the moment they are in search of information, products, or services similar to your offerings. This immediate visibility drives traffic to your website, increases leads, and improves the chances of quick conversion, delivering immediate results.

Highly Targeted Advertising

Google Ads’ advanced targeting options allow you to reach a specific set of audiences on the basis of behaviors, demographics, interests, and search intent. When you target the right audience using the right messages, you can enhance engagement, relevance, and eventually, conversion rates. This ensures that you are spending your advertising budget effectively.

Measurable ROI and Performance Tracking

Google Ads comes up with a strong set of analytical and reporting tools, allowing you to track the performance of the ad campaign, and measure ROI (return on investment). This helps you maximize the conversions accurately. While accessing real-time insights and analytics, you can make data-driven and informed decisions and optimize the campaign for better results. You can also strategize budget allocation to maximize return on investments.

Flexible Budgeting and Cost Control

No matter if you own a small business with limited financial resources or a large company with a flexible ad spend, Google Ads facilitates both. It is flexible enough to enhance your ad campaigns and allocate budgets effectively. Google Ads allows you to choose from flexible budgeting options, helping you to invest a budget of your own choice, adjust bid settings, and control costs that align with your business goals. It also helps you balance your financial resources.

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Awareness

Google Ads ensures that your ads appear noticeably on SERPs and Google’s extensive partner platforms, websites, or networks. This ensures increased visibility and brand awareness. By making your ads visible in front of your target audience repeatedly, Google Ads helps you build brand recognition, credibility, and trust. Ultimately, you can experience brand loyalty and growth in the long term.


Google Ads provides a strong combination of huge audience reach, high targeting, flexible budgeting, custom ad formats, flexible budgeting, and integration with the Google ecosystem. This is why Google Ads in Christchurch and beyond has won the hearts of business owners as compared to other alternatives. By understanding how Google Ads operates and how it benefits businesses, you can utilize it at the maximum capacity and keep your businesses in the competition.

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