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Social Media Marketing

The challenge

On 5th January 2022, Aster Pharmacy approached Digi Christchurch to manage their Instagram marketing campaign. They already ran an ad campaign with the goal of profile visits to increase brand awareness. But, they could not get any favorable results. This ad campaign brought only 230 profile visits and 5 followers, even after their reach and impressions were high. Their cost per profile visit increased as a result. They were unable to understand why they could not attract the target audience and generate traffic. It only costed them money with no desired results even after increasing the budget and time.

Our analysis

We analyzed their Instagram marketing campaign in all aspects including its design and factors. We identified that they were using carousel ads that most of the audience could not find attractive and did not fit well with the overall campaign goal. We suggested them to run a single-image ad that is effective and simple for the audience to understand about their products and services. In terms of factors, we identified that they had selected the wrong age group of the target audience. Their target audience was the young generation but they had selected audiences from all age groups. Similarly, their ad was relevant to men only, but they had selected all genders.

Aster Pharmacy case study

The solution

We designed a single-image ad for them that featured a young man working out easily as he takes one of the vitamin products sold by the pharmacy. The ad also featured the benefits of using that product. Next, we set an ad campaign goal as preferred by the client to increase brand awareness and followers. Then, we set the right gender, age group, and region to reach the right audience. Lastly, we selected the budget and time frame as suggested by the client.

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social media marketing portfolio
social media marketing case study

The results

Due to relevancy in ad design and ad settings with the audience that also fit with the overall ad campaign goal, we successfully delivered the desired results. We observed a huge difference between the results of both ad campaigns. The ad campaign we designed and ran increased the profile visits and the number of followers by reducing the cost of the profile per visit.